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Create Your Own

Now, you can create your own custom necklace, key chain, or charm bracelet. Choose however many charms you'd like added on. Here's how it works:

1. Choose your preference of: Chain Necklace, Key Chain, or Bracelet.

2. Choose to add on a Logo Tag (Stainless Steel or Alloy)

3. Choose to add on a weight charm.

4. Choose to add on an alloy charm (fitness or food)

5. Choose any additional charms in any category.

All charms added on in the "Create Your Own" will be added onto the necklace, key chain or bracelet chosen from this section ONLY. If you purchase more than one type, simply enter a NOTE in the product ordering page stating what you'd like the charm added to. You can purchase charms without the necklace, key chain, or bracelet simply by foregoing the first steps and adding only the charms to your cart. 

Email us at info@fitstylebrand.com if you have any questions or need help ordering a custom piece.