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Rep Team

We are looking for reps, want to join our TEAM? Our team members sport the Fit Style life from head to toe with our gear and bags! Each rep is also considered for our Sponsored Athlete Team which we will start announcing soon!

Joining is easy! Once you join you'll earn exclusive rewards and gear that will not only look stylish but will also keep you motivated and reaching for your goals. Go ahead, join our TEAM and get the Fit Style look today!

Rewards include the following (based on team you want to join);

1. Fit Style Tank! Perfect to showcase that you're part of the Fit Style Team!

2. Fit Style Jewelry and Bags! You've GUARANTEED to have that unique Fit Style look when you step into the gym or just running errands! Our gear is functional, stylish, and always on point!

3. A personalized discount code for your use and to share with friends! (ALL packages)

4. 5-15% Commission on sales (spreading the word is easy and profitable when you love what you do! Just let your friends know about FIT STYLE!). 

5. Dashboard to track your commission...so no guessing what you've earned and when your friends purchase! Overtime your commission increases!

6. EXCLUSIVE FREE Bonus Items, Monthly REP Giveaways! Want a FREE Bag or apparel? Earning bonuses is easy when you are motivated to share your story and love for our gear! It's all about sharing the fit life and motivating others!

We are the ONLY Meal Bag, Jewelry, and Apparel Brand that offers this unique opportunity! Join our TEAM and get the FIT STYLE Team treatment!

Ready to join our Team and the Fit Style movement?

1. Simply purchase a package.

2. Email us at RepTeam@FitStyleBrand.com and let us know you joined! 

That's it! 




Please note Rep Packages are NOT returnable as they are heavily discounted deals.