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Ambassador Search

We're looking for you!

Do you LOVE fitness and sharing your journey with others?
Do you love our products and currently use them to help you reach your health and fitness goals or just to sport your fit lifestyle?

If you said "yes" to any one of those questions, we are looking for inspiring and motivational people who live the fit life to join our Ambassador Team. You don't have to be a competitor, have shredded abs, or be the typical sponsored athlete. Why not? Because we understand the journey from an unhealthy lifestyle to one that loves fitness, eating healthy, and inspiring others to be better. We've lived it and realize that fitness is about more than just looking great. We believe it's about living a better life in general, giving back to our communities, motivating and encouraging those who need it, sharing our fitness journey with both it's strengths and weaknesses, and that through our experiences we not only create a better life for ourselves, but we also give those witnessing our journey the strength and courage to begin their own. 

We believe that through health and fitness we can transform our lives and the world around us. If you love the Fit Style life, our motto, and currently sport our products we'd like to invite you to enter our Ambassador Search for 2017! 

Email us at info@fitstylebrand.com with 2-3 current photos, a bio, and tell us why you should be part of Fit Style. We will be announcing our newest Ambassadors throughout 2017 so keep tagging us in your photos and use hashtag #fitstylebrand and #fitstyleambassadorsearch so we can follow you.

You can also create a youtube video or social media post letting us know you've entered and why we should pick you! We will use these tags and posts to help us decide who to choose to represent us. Stay tuned for more info and as we introduce our current Ambassador Team!

Contact us at info@fitstylebrand.com for additional information or questions.
Keep living the Fit Style life!